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Our TTM History

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                                                 2009      2008  

2007      2006      2005      2004      2003 

Our Administrators:  Hang and Cu Nguyen




Main Events 2009







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  • Two students from TTM complete college degree and find their first jobs

  • Miss Mai continues to make a lasting impact by teaching English at TTM  

  • Dedicated Yahoo Volunteers take time most weeks to practice conversation with TTM English students

  • Flood waters again enter TTM school but equipment stays safe

  • Last year donations exceeded $12,500 and came from these 20 households.  

    Continued thanks to our  4-major contributors

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Main Events 2008







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  • Two students from TTM complete 4 year college degree and find their first jobs

  • Retired University professor teaches English at TTM for 4 hours per week

  • Phung interviews at US Consulate 2 times but is unable to receive H3 visa

  • Volunteers in US practice English with TTM students using Yahoo

  • TTM donations went to just under $10,000.  Continued thanks to our   3-major contributors

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Main Events 2007







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  • 3 more TTM students find new jobs

    • 4 yr student - museum artifact keeper

    • 2 yr student - tourism

    • 2 yr student - government office work

  • Minnesota College of St. Olaf sends two students to TTM who teach English during their J-term

  • Minnesota Datacard Corporation offers Student Internship program to TTM student

  • Fall floods again send several feet of water into school but TTM avoids serious damage

  • TTM donations surpass $10,000 thanks in part to 3 major contributors

    Click here to see 2007 photos



Main Events 2006








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  • Huong visits TTM for the first time since opening school in 2003

  • 6 students enter 4 year college and 3 students enter 2 year college

  • August sends 2 feet of flood waters into school

  • Fundraiser in Minneapolis raises over $1000

  • Pat Hirsch visits TTM school and Duc Son orphanage

  • School installs hi-speed internet, upgrades 2 more classroom PC's  and purchases a classroom printer

  • At 49 students, school attendance is near maximum

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Main Events 2005









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  • 5 new students from the orphanage join the Tutoring Program 

  • 3 new donors and 4 new students participate in Student Scholarship Program

  • Replace 2 old 486 student PC's with new 2.4GHz Intel workstation

  • Begin online donations using PayPal secure on-line web server 

  • Enroll 10 students into new Web Design training course

  • 42 students begin 2005/2006 school year

  • 40 TTM students receive Microsoft Office certificates from Hue Board of Education

  • 2 TTM graduates find employment

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Main Events 2004



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Main Events 2003


Our First Year


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  • School doors open February 2003

  • 40 students begin training for Microsoft Office Suite

  • 30 of these (40) students pass Microsoft Office training in June

  • These 30 students begin taking computer programming in July

  • 6 students from programming class pass national certification exam in November and are accepted into 2 year college in Da Nang

  • 10 more students pass Microsoft Office training in November

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School Admin












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Cu and Hang

The TTM School would never succeed without your love and care for the students.

These dear friends generously offer of themselves and their home.  Their living room many times becomes a classroom. 

Many kids from the orphanage  consider this their second home.

The school you see pictured in many photo's is actually built onto the front of their original home.