TTM School Photos - 2006


49 Students !!!

Record Attendance

38 from Duc Son orphanage

4 from government orphanage

7 from low income families





Women busy preparing food

In a small adjacent hallway women prepare food for those who gather to celebrate Huong's visit.

Huong Ho Hirsch, co-founder of TTM, visits the school in April.

This was her first visit to the school since its doors first opened in early 2003.

Huong expresses, "The school has made so much progress during these first three years.  You can see individual lives being helped."




Duc Son Orphanage

This is a view of one dormitory. Upper and lower bunk-beds with lower built-in storage holding their personal possessions.

The majority of students attending TTM come from this orphanage.

It's clean and safe and home to over 210 children ranging in age from infant to mid-twenty.

Duc Son is a non-government orphanage relying entirely on private donations.



Pat Hirsch Visits TTM

Durring a two day visit to Hue, Pat is welcomed and cared for by everyone at TTM.

Tan Lai, currently a junior at Hue University majoring in computer science, presents a bouquet of flowers to Pat during evening celebrations.

Pat later recalls, "My visit to TTM was the highlight of my trip."


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