TTM School Photos - 2007


Another fantastic year

44 Students !!!

35 from Duc Son orphanage

4 from government orphanage

5 from low income families




Lab time at TTM

The darkness outside shows students are working late into the evening to complete their lab work.

As soon as class is over most will ride their bicycles back to the Duc Son Orphanage.

Each year the school tries to upgrade 1 or 2 of it's aging computers.

It's hard to believe that during fall floods there was 3 feet of water in this same room .


St. Olaf student visits Duc Son Orphanage

Dalay, a college student at St Olaf, enjoys spending time with young girls.

The majority of students attending TTM come from this orphanage.

It's a clean and safe home to 200+ children ranging in age from infant to mid-twenty.

Duc Son is a non-government orphanage relying entirely on private donations.


Flood waters enter TTM School

No photos were taken of the TTM school at the time of the flood because the school does not own its own camera and the flood waters made it difficult to borrow a camera.

In November about 3 feet of water entered the TTM school on two different occasions.

TTM School administrator Cu Nguyen, safely stored all electronic computer equipment on upper levels so overall damage was minimal. 

TTM School is only a few blocks from the west end of this ancient Citadel .

Notice in the lower photo where the water level in the mote should be under normal conditions.


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